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Transformational Information


We build the people who change the world. Here at Prolific Kingdom, we enlighten the soul and elevate the spirit.  We spend daily time in the presence of God so that we can give you the right now heart and mind of God. You no longer have to walk around in circles but we will teach you how to have a daily intimate relationship with God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit by walking up the mountain of relationship.

We will help you become a container that can contain the Glory of God that you are called to. Knowing your identity, purpose and destiny are only the beginning. Join our Prolific Kingdom family and get ready to become renewed and transformed. It is your time to experience a fruitful and abundant life because you have been called to the Kingdom of God for such a time as This! 

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We honestly write everyday, and it is our honor to share our divine downloads of revelation and inspiration to equip your transformation.


Online Courses

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Transformational information is structured into challenging Courses to shift paradigms using Instructional Design Techniques.



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Join our Coaching Events that allow you to be a part of the Prolific Kingdom Mastermind. Private Speaking Engagements, Seminars and One-on-One Coaching.



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"And He shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse"


Malachi 4:6

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We fellowship with God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit to receive daily Rhema Words from His Throne for His people. Every blog is to deliver His heart, vision and words for this hour.

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We post daily Videos for transformation, instruction, guidance, discipleship and sonship training to put you on the path of spiritual maturity in Christ. @prolifickingdom

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Every book, course and coaching program are prepared in the presence of God with Holy Spirit to ensure you are receiving the tools necessary to go from Glory to Glory.


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We have been positioned for such a time as this to make straight the way of the Lord. Follow us as we follow Christ. We provide counseling and coaching.

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We are thought leaders taking the world by storm. Discipline, faithfulness, Courage and determination make up the fiber of our character.

The Founders




CEO and Cofounder of Prolific Kingdom

Visionary, lover of education, someone who receives information and graciously turns it into revelation for the maximum elevation of learners. I never stop creating, innovating, and thinking of how I can make an impact on the world. 

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COO and Cofounder of Prolific Kingdom

Dancer, Singer, Actress and all around creative. Writer, Public Speaker, and lover of people. Excited to explore new realms of possibilities to help our clients discover unlimited levels of growth both personally and professionally.

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