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Under Cover

There is something so beautiful when a little girl runs to the arms of her father. She feels safe, she feels loved and she feels protected. This is what every woman is supposed to feel. Women were created to be covered and protected. A covering begins with a girl’s father. He is the first grid she has of being looked after, cared for and cultivated in the leadership of her father. She is supposed to glean from him and learn from him while she is under his covering and under his care. Then when a woman gets married, her husband now becomes her covering. In our world today, women are taught to play all the roles themselves and only lookout for themselves but it was never meant to be that way. We live in a fallen world and system that leaves women vulnerable with no covering and no protection.

I believe in this hour; God is renewing our understanding as women for what it means to be under a covering. When we give our lives to God, He becomes our ultimate covering. But where there is a vertical correlation, there is also a horizontal correlation. We are to be covered by God and by man. God gave men a covering mantle that resembles our Heavenly Father. Since most women have not been covered properly, we sometimes don’t have a grid for what it looks like to be covered. Being covered is one of the safest places you can be, because you have someone taking ownership and stewardship over your life. When women feel lost and tossed to and fro, it’s because we don’t have a covering to keep us grounded and stable. There are so many beautiful stories in the bible that shows the benefits of being covered. When we look at people like Esther, Ruth, Rachel, etc. all of these women were acquainted with being covered and what it looked like to submit in a beautiful way to their covering. It’s not about someone controlling another person, it’s about putting your heart in a place to be cared for. So often, we push people away that want to cover us because we have the residue of self-preservation on us. But there is something so beautiful when a woman puts herself in a position to be led and covered.

If you are someone who wants to position themselves to be covered by a husband or an authority that God has put over your life, then say this prayer:

Father, I thank you for being a covering over me all the days of my life. I repent for the moments that I pushed you away or I pushed away the people you sent to cover me. I renounce and lay down every proclivity of self-preservation, rebellion, non-compliance, stubbornness, disobedience and dishonor. I realize that these ways are destruction and it keeps me uncovered in a harsh and evil world. I want to be covered. I open my heart and position myself to be covered not only by you but by the covering you have set for me. Please teach me Holy Spirit, how to be a woman of honor, respect and valor. Please teach me the beauty in being covered and cared for. Please teach me the gracefulness and elegance of a woman and how to use my influence to build up and encourage. I submit this prayer to you in faith and I thank you for the fruit of it. In Jesus name I pray, Amen!


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